About Us

We are Andreas Krebs and Luke (a red jumping LUKE the Dreamworker), a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever.

Luke has been living with me since January 2003 and in the meantime we have become a real "dream team". That's what a trainer at a dog training course once called us, and I think the name suits us well.

Luke has had a very positive influence on my life and gives me a lot of pleasure.

Heinz Rühmann said: "You can live without a dog, but it isn't worth it."

After first attending a puppy group in a general dog association, we have taken several training courses at the Southwest Germany Group of the German Retriever Club, and have been associated with the club since then. Because Luke really enjoys working and has shown very good tendencies from the beginning, this step was very important.

In May 2005 we moved into our own garden apartment in an average-sized village in Germany called Sersheim. It is directly adjacent to the Stromberg-Heuchelberg Nature Reserve. With his open and friendly nature, Luke quickly won the hearts of children and adults alike here in his new surroundings.

Luke has a breeding permit from the German Retriever Club and is at stud to approved females.

So now, we wish you lots of fun browsing through our site.